Administrative Services Users

Initially, we dealt with managing our own rental apartments and commercial spaces, out of which the provision of services to others soon grew. Our primary goal is to offer investors management service for rental apartments. At first, the idea of managing a purchased apartment may seem like something exciting and new, and success is certainly not out of the question; however, one’s place of residence and needs may change, which turns self-management into an added obligation.


We offer short and long-term management of rental apartments. Management of rental apartments takes place under a right of representation or in the form of a contract. Management is the organisation of continuous activities related to the apartment. The manager’s duties include, among other things, communicating with lessees, cooperation with service providers, such as AS Eesti Energia, AS Eesti Gaas, AS Tallinna Vesi, AS G4S, etc. The forwarding of readings, received from the lessee or collected from the main meters, to the service providers and the accountant. Being ready to swiftly resolve emergency situations is also important.

Current administration

The continuous management of the apartment building is organised by the management company, headed by the building manager.

Goal of the management service:

  • to save the owner of the registered immovables precious time
  • to ensure the availability and presence of the lessee’s representative at the first available opportunity
  • to preserve the condition of the owner’s asset it its initial state
  • to preserve good relations between the lessee and the owner
  • to ensure the proper payment of invoices for rent and utilities
  • to ensure that readings are submitted
  • to organise necessary repair works, including accepting and confirming price offers
  • insurance

The handling of each apartment or building being managed as personal property, and the trusting relationship between the manager and the owner is an integral part of the entire process.

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