Drainage systems, or wellpoint filter spear systems, are intended for use in the performance of construction works on excessively damp soil. They are primarily used to lower the surface water level in the case of sandy and gravely soils, for example, in the areas around Luige, Nõmme, Järvevana tee, etc.

The device is comprised of a row of wellpoint filter spears, which are washed with water pressure into the soil (pump or pressure washer truck). Standard placement is around the perimeter of a trench at an interval of 1 metre between spears, and in the ditch on either one or both sides of the trench.

Wellpoint filter spears are connected to the collector in the body of water, which is in turn connected to the pumping device. This device is a combined vacuum pump and powerful centrifugal pump of approx. 270m3/h. Among the selection of offered machines is a driving unit comprised of an air-cooled diesel generator and electric motor.

The water that is pumped out is free of sediment, which provides the opportunity to pump the water directly into the ditch or storm water drainage.

In addition, we offer equipment related transport, installation and consultation service.

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